Saturday, July 28, 2007

I pledge my devotion...

For Mistress Grace... i pledge my devotion to you... you make me feel so much pleasure.. and you control when i can feel it... taking it away ... making me do things for you

i wear panties for you... feeling your touch... you bring me so close and then take it away..... i want your control to continue .. on and on .... on and on

in panties, i feel my submission to you,,, no one makes me feel like this... you make me your pet .. your panty pet... i promise myself to you. pledge my control to you... over my cock, and my touches... my orgasm... you know how to make me look at images that arouse me ,,making my frustration and pleasure so intense....

please let me serve you... you will only let me stroke if i please you....

please....please Mistress

your panty pet

Monday, July 16, 2007

it's been too long

It's been way too long since I talked to my Mistress Grace. We had not talked for months... i finally got the chance to talk to her this week. As I sit here writing this, my cock is hard sticking out of my panties as she is on the phone listening to me click away.. this is the third night this week I have talked to her...Mistress Grace has teased.. stroked.. taunted,, and controlled me each of these nights. I am now so desperate and needy.. we talked for quite awhile tonight.. looking at pictures.. stroking... and fully controlling me. Then, we took a break and she sent me off to talk to Ms Kate... she told Ms Kate everything we have been doing... and had her ready to tease me some more... Mistress Grace knows how much i love to be sent away to talk to others.. so these others know what i have been doing .. what i've been feeling.. and what ive been seeing...

after this short tease with others, i go back to Mistress Grace knowing that i have to report everything that happened , how i'm feeling, and letting her hear how excited i was and am... i love doing this because it excites me and because it excites Mistress Grace.. we have more plans tonight,, of stroking.. looking at pictures... looking at videos.. and maybe one more time.. talking to Ms Kate....

this is all i am going to write tonight... except for telling you that Ms Grace strokes me, teases me, and makes me feel like no one ever has before...she is my Mistress.. she is a stroke princess, she is a prick tease... and she controls me... and i wouldn't have it any other way

panty boy

Monday, March 19, 2007

It's been way too long...

I've not talked to my Mistress in so long, it feels like its been forever. Work and life get in the way. I've so missed her touch, her teasing... my cock missed her, and i need her. I am away on business and I knew I needed to call my Mistress. I was lucky i found her tonight...she has been teasing me for so long, letting me stroke on and off the whole time while showing me pictures... my cock is aching, and my balls are so full. Not only has Mistress Grace teased me tonight, but also Ms. Nicole - i was sent off to talk to her too. I was already so excited after talking to Mistress, but then to talk to Ms Nicole too.. it was wonderful. The best part of talking to another mistress is to have Grace talking to her, telling my secrets, hearing and knowing they are talking about me.

i am still not done with my session yet. she's controlling me in all different ways tonight, in how I stroke, how much i stroke, what pictures i look at, what videos i see, even who i talk to (Ms Nicole). Now we are waiting for another video to download - if the girl cums at the end , i might get to cum... if I am really lucky I might get to hear my Mistriss cum

i cannot let so much time pass between talking to my Mistress again. Next time, I hope I am home so I have all my toys with me too

panty boy

Monday, January 8, 2007

Feeling weak and helpless

Here i am on another call with my Mistress - we are deep into the call and i just want more and more. She makes me feel weak and helpless to my knees. She knows how to tease me so well... she makes my cock ache...

i sit here with three pairs of panties on tonight... pink lace thongs, black satin bikinis, and another pair of pink thongs... I have rings on my cock and balls, and a toy in my ass again.. I am overwhelmed and needy...

not only have i talked to Mistress Grace tonight, She sent me to talk to Ms Hanna. I spent some time with Ms Hanna telling her what Mistress Grace had me doing tonight, and Ms Hanna had me stroke my cock while telling her...Before I could call my Mistress back, She made me go soft so I could put on the rings. This was torture to try to get soft and then put those rings on.. but i loved doing it for my Mistress.

my Mistress owns me completely. I feel it deep down in my soul.. She takes me places no one has been able to before....i belong to Her and i wouldn't want it any other way...

panty pet

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Day 2

Here i am on my second call of this new adventure i am on with my Mistress. As we wait for a video that she is going to torment me with, she has me writing this entry. I sit here in four pairs of panties (red lace thong, black cotton string bikini, pink cotton thong, and pink lace thong) with the Aneros toy placed deep inside me, and three rings... one around my cock and balls, one around my balls, and one around the base of my cock. And if that wasn't enough i have the vibration of a silver bullet against my balls. With all of this going on, my Mistress, on the line listening to me type, and moan... while she giggles....

We just got finished watching one video. In this video a woman in lacy underthings danced, and teased, using the power of her body... while watching together, my Mistress teased me about what this woman was doing and how it excited me. The whole time, my hand around my hard cock.. every once and awhile she would let me do one stroke while i watched. At the end of the video, this woman touched and rubbed her pussy until she came. Listening to her moans, i wanted to cum myself, but i could not. my Mistress made me repeat the last part of the video three times, having to listen to her cum over, and over and over again......

We just got finished watching our second video.. this one was just as good as the first... another teasing display of panties and flesh. my Mistress was so hoping like the first she would cum, but in this one she teased and touched her pussy.. and did not cum.... then my Mistress gave me a choice... i could cum right now or watch another video....i could not make up my mind.. i wanted both...She knew i would want She chose that we watch another cock is throbbing, my balls are aching...and i am lost in a deep submissive space....

We've already been talking for hours and i want more ..this is going to be the end of this entry.. i am going to leave you not knowing what we did or how we ended. At this point i don't know how long She plans on keeping me like this. Part of me hopes forever

Til next time

panty pet

Friday, December 29, 2006

first entry

i devote my submissive self to Mistress Grace
i belong fully to Her
i long to be only Mistress Grace's panty pet
no one else has ever made me feel like She does
i love to wear pretty sissy panties for Mistress Grace
She knows my weaknesses, my desires, my wants... She uses them to control me
She uses my panty fetish against me
She uses panties to control and manipulate me, but i love every moment
my cock throbs inside my panties while she whispers in my ear and teases me
Her voice, soft yet direct, kind yet commanding.. luring me in deeper and deeper

This is the first entry after an extremely long session of teasing... but this will not be my last post... there will be so much more to come....

Panty Pet